The Comma And How It Can Change The Way You Write

Reaching fluency in the English language means more than just being able to communicate with native speakers or to replicate various English accents. It means understanding the small intricacies and less Commas 007 300x180 The Comma And How It Can Change The Way You Writeknown about rules and applying them at all time. Punctuation is often enough the main part of the learning process that causes good students to fail because they think it is something that comes natural, or that works by rules that apply in their native language as well. Continue reading

4 Ways To Learn English For The Very Busy

Everyone is busy. It sounds like a truism, however, it is one of the most often met problems for people who want to study a second language and end up failing. While people who have a comfortable financial

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situation or are simply pursuing second language acquisition as a hobby aren’t forced to make many schedule related sacrifices most English learners find it rather hard to combine their already overbearing schedule with the extra time needed for learning a new language.

If you find yourself in the latter category, the one that has a hard time making time then you might find the following list of tips ideal for your needs. Continue reading

Homonyms Or Why Context Is Important

A homonym is a grammatical term that comes from the Greek word homonumos which basically means homonyms1 300x300 Homonyms Or Why Context Is Important “to have the same name.” A homonym refers to a number of words that have identical spelling or an identical pronunciation while their meanings are different. Continue reading

3 More Do’s And Don’ts When Learning English

When acquiring any second language, not just the English language any student must know that there are as many do’s as there are don’ts in the learning process. This means that even the best intentions dosanddonts 3 More Do’s And Don’ts When Learning Englishand work ethic can lead to disastrous results if a wise, well balanced and carefully prepared research isn’t made before starting the actual learning process.
Continue reading

5 Tips To Learn English For The Lazy

Knowing how to learn, what to do or how to tackle each English leaning issue and actually getting up from the couch, TV, or gaming console and doing them can be a long a challenging journey, particularly if you are a creature of comfort that likes to take its time and make everything just right before studying.

Let’s face it, most of us have to tackle laziness way before we have to tackle even the simplest hurdle that motivation 300x200 5 Tips To Learn English For The Lazy comes with learning a second language. Getting motivated to learn, particularly if you don’t have any pressure from your school, job, family or living situation can be hard. Because of this we thought to compile a list of the best tips, trick and hacks to help you tackle your motivation issues and get started on you English learning journey. Continue reading

If Your Employer Allows It, Immerse While You Work

One of the best and most popular ways to get quick and significant progress when it comes to learning the English language is to completely immerse yourself. This means doing everything you normally do in English. You want to watch a movie? Choose one that’s not dubbed and if your English level allows it Work 251x300 If Your Employer Allows It, Immerse While You Work without any subtitles either. Are you in the mood for some music? Make sure it is in English as well. Want to do some shopping, read the instructions or ingredients off of anything you buy in English and if you’re going to cook, make sure you take down the recipe in English.

By now you got the idea. Everything you do or anything you consume should be in the English language. While it might be frustrating at times, particularly if you are a beginner, having to constantly look up words, phrases, idioms and things of the sort in English will help you better remember a ton of useful stuff much more efficiently than memorizing it from a textbook ever would. Continue reading

Make Sure You Write Reviews For Everything You Use

Learning the English language has certainly changed over the years and the learning material has evolved from a simple textbook, a pen and a paper to a wide variety of products, both high and low tech that can help you adapt your English learning need to your learning style, schedule and disposition.

Sadly not all new products are worth the time and money you invest in them, even more, some people  Make Sure You Write Reviews For Everything You Useare speculating others’ need to assimilate the language in a timely manner and are scamming them with low quality products that promise progress but always fail to deliver. Continue reading

Turn Your New Skill Into Money

While most people think of the English learning process as a time and money consuming endeavor, they may only be part right. Becoming a fluent English speaker is indeed a somewhat lengthy process; however, it doesn’t have to be a costly one as well. You can start by saving money and not going for the dac04cfa853b476ca8973efe976c24c9 300x180 Turn Your New Skill Into Money traditional class or tutoring method of learning.

Tapes or booklets are just as useful and can be much cheaper options. You can even learn English for free with a bit of work and ingenuity thanks to the internet and the many tips, tricks and information it offers. Continue reading

Have A Taste Of English

There are many ways to enjoy the English learning process. Playing games, watching movies, listening to music, reading books or conversing with other students can be a fun activity however, who can say they had a tasty time while learning English?

Learning English with a teacher and a textbook may be good and well but in today’s DIY world the more traditional kitchen 300x195 Have A Taste Of English you think out of the box the better. This is why there are so many alternative techniques and hacks to learning English. They help adapt your lifestyle and your time schedule to your goal of English fluency, making the whole process less burdensome and helping you become much more of an effective student. Continue reading

Twitter Or How To Communicate Efficiently

When you are on your way to learning the English language making quick progress means that you must use any occasion you get as an exercise that will help you improve in some way. This means trying to twitter  300x146 Twitter Or How To Communicate Efficientlyimprove your vocabulary with every movie you see, learn how to speak better English with every phrase you read or improve your accent with every song you hear. Even one of the most used social media platforms, like Twitter can help you learn an important lesson. Continue reading