Have A Taste Of English

There are many ways to enjoy the English learning process. Playing games, watching movies, listening to music, reading books or conversing with other students can be a fun activity however, who can say they had a tasty time while learning English?

Learning English with a teacher and a textbook may be good and well but in today’s DIY world the more traditional kitchen 300x195 Have A Taste Of English you think out of the box the better. This is why there are so many alternative techniques and hacks to learning English. They help adapt your lifestyle and your time schedule to your goal of English fluency, making the whole process less burdensome and helping you become much more of an effective student. Continue reading

Twitter Or How To Communicate Efficiently

When you are on your way to learning the English language making quick progress means that you must use any occasion you get as an exercise that will help you improve in some way. This means trying to twitter  300x146 Twitter Or How To Communicate Efficientlyimprove your vocabulary with every movie you see, learn how to speak better English with every phrase you read or improve your accent with every song you hear. Even one of the most used social media platforms, like Twitter can help you learn an important lesson. Continue reading

Comic Books Are Ideal For Learning

Learning the English language isn’t necessarily a tough process, however, for an absolute beginner; getting the basics of any new language can be a daunting task. In fact, once you cover some basic points and you start getting some positive feedback everything will come natural. The confidence and will to continue your English learning journey is directly related to the immediacy of positive feedback.

This is why it is so important for beginner students to actually like what they are learning and avoid superman 201x300 Comic Books Are Ideal For Learningboring, repetitive learning techniques. There are numerous exercises and textbooks that can help even beginner students have fun while learning the difficult basics, however, for an alternative way that is just as effective you might want to consider comic books. Continue reading

Want To Socialize? Learn Some Jokes!

If you are happy with your English progress and are in a position where you have a strong enough handle on the language that you can make yourself understood, then maybe it is time you consider  Want To Socialize? Learn Some Jokes!making some English speaking friends.  They don’t necessarily have to be native speakers as you may have a lot in common with other people that are learning the English language. There are numerous ways you can find English speaking friends and they range from going out on the town to looking on web pages specially built for this. Regardless of what portal you use to make friends knowing some relevant and funny jokes can certainly improve your chances of making more friends.
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Improve Cognitive Abilities Before Learning

Whether it’s learning English or any other subject or language, each student has to get into a certain “zone” before starting the learning process. It is very important to know yourself and find out what specifically makes your learning process more efficient. It doesn’t always have to be the same thing. While most cognitive exercises do help, improving your learning abilities can come from seemingly unimportant things such as a good night’s sleep, hearing a motivational song or working out just before you start learning.

What Skills Do You Need To Learn Better English

First you need to ask yourself what skills you need to have in order to get a better learning tumblr lt25gvxsCj1qja0yo 300x300 Improve Cognitive Abilities Before Learningexperience. You might be fine in some departments and not need extra practice or incentive; however, every student can stand some improvement.
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Online Chatrooms Are Great For Practice

There are numerous ways for students to practice their English, regardless of their current level. They involve all sorts of exercises, some consisting in classic approaches while others are more innovative and a few are quite on the fringe. A method that has considerably grown in popularity is to practice your English by simply having a casual talk with an English native.

Talking Online Is Easy And Convenient 

The benefits of this approach are numerous and have been covered in other articles on this website. As a short reminder, they consist of practicing grammar, vocabulary, intonation, travelling 300x199 Online Chatrooms Are Great For Practicespeech patterns, accent and numerous other small elements.

Finding a native speaker to talk to, however, has long been the biggest problem of this approach, one that, thanks to the growing number of high speed internet connections is now much more approachable.

Nowadays you don’t have to go out and actually find a native English speaker in your community. You don’t have to get a job at a hotel or hostel either, all you have to do is simply get online and join one of the numerous chat rooms where you can simply and efficiently find native English speakers that come from numerous countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many more. You can also avoid the awkwardness of having to start a conversation from scratch with a complete stranger as all people that come to these websites come here with the specific goal of meeting new people and talking about any type of subject.

As most people that frequent these chat rooms are generally nice, you will probably make a few stable friends with which to talk to, friends that will even give you pointers on how you speak and what aspects you should practice.

If you don’t want to invest the time in creating and maintaining friendships, even online ones you can simply join random chat rooms like Omegle where you can choose to talk to random strangers without having to create an account.

Travelling Or Writing Emails Can Also Work

Another great way to practice is to travel and talk with strangers you meet. This way, you won’t just get the amazing experience that travelling offers, but you will also find your English knowledge improving. The more people you get to talk to the better. You will learn interesting life stories and find out more about the country or specific region you are iBall UP Beat D3 USB SDL136108561 1 637fc 256x300 Online Chatrooms Are Great For Practicetravelling in.

If you simply can’t find a native speaker to talk to online you can try finding some sort of email exchange website. These websites focuses less on live chat and more on writing. While it might be less of an instant gratification you will get to write a lot of text that will help you better your syntax, grammar and writing skills. Technically you will still be talking to English natives and practicing your English skills, it’s just that this time you will get a much more thorough experience. If you prefer a slower version of talking, one in which you can also practice your writing skills, and get to better know the person you’re conversing with you will love the email/mail exchange services.

Make A Plan, Don’t Learn Everything At Once

Enthusiasm is an absolute necessity when it comes to learning the English language. It is a key aspect when it comes to making quick progress, however, too much enthusiasm can sometimes be a bad thing and actually create an improper learning environment for students.

Make sure that your will and need to learn don’t hurt your retention rate as it most often happens with students that are too eager to advance. A clear plan is a must before beginning the English learning process as it will help you create a functional schedule that will temper your enthusiasm and allow you to focus on every lesson and actually retain what you are reading.

Speed And Retention Don’t Always Go Hand In Hand

Some people might want to advance quickly and will insist on learning as much grammar as they can, without doing the proper exercises or coupling their grammar learning ability with article new thumbnail ehow images a04 v3 0o english language learning games 800x800 300x199 Make A Plan, Don’t Learn Everything At Oncevocabulary or any other form of English progress. This will make them dysfunctional English speakers at best, as most people that attempt to learn this way generally end up quitting because they can’t handle the work load anymore.

Going the other way and insisting on vocabulary might seem like a good idea at first, however, you will soon find that simply learning English words isn’t going to get you any closer to learning the language. While you will be able to recognize what some English speakers say you will have a hard time formulating sentences or making yourself understood in even the most basic context.

To make a good plan you will first have to know what you want. Find out why you want to learn English and temper your enthusiasm with some real goals. Then you will have to set daily, weekly and monthly goals and make a plan that will allow you to treat all aspects of the English learning process with equal importance. You must also consider your strengths and weaknesses as some students might naturally have an inclination towards learning grammar, while other will manage to get a strong vocabulary without much effort. Create a plan that caters to your individual learning needs.

Remind Yourself Of Your Goals To Stay Motivated

If you find that your motivation is beginning to run low just remind yourself of your greater goals. They might involve a better job situation, the opportunity to travel to an English speaking country, being able to communicate with your significant other in their native language or any number of similar situations.english and culture customized learning plan 300x257 Make A Plan, Don’t Learn Everything At Once

Another important aspect that should be included in any learning plan is asking questions. Don’t hesitate to ask your tutor, your teacher or to write down certain questions and use the internet or a library to find the answers.

Reviewing what you learn and constantly testing yourself is also a key factor to good retention. Left unused, any skill you gained will eventually be forgotten so make sure to take a test every couple of weeks that goes over everything you studied to that point. If you find that you’re struggling with something go back and look over the material again.

Dictation: Hard, Sometimes Boring But Very Effective

While most people could consider it a useless, time consuming exercise, the fact remains that dictation can prove to be an amazingly important tool that can greatly improve your English knowledge.

It is true that dictation is something we generally tend to ignore once we get past the second grade, however, when it is correctly applied in a second language learning situation it can prove to be a fantastic way to improve a whole set of skills.

p552905 m 300x201 Dictation: Hard, Sometimes Boring But Very EffectiveThe reason dictation is so important is because it helps even medium or advanced students practice key aspects of the English learning process. The number one thing that dictation will help you with is spelling. There really is no better tool out there to revise what you know, to improve on what you don’t know and to learn new words and their correct spelling.

Dictation is also an important tool as it doesn’t just serve as an exercise for learning correct spelling but it also sets a time limit, helping beginner students interact faster with spoken English, improving in turn their spelling, speaking and reaction times.

Improve More Than Just Spelling

Students can also improve their reading, particularly if they read what they wrote as a way to check for mistakes and learn where their biggest problems lay. Some students can have problems with verb tenses while other can have a hard time writing complicated words or even names.

Dictation is often used in classroom environments. This is the perfect environment for it as it can be easily used by the teacher for the level of each student. It is also an interesting exercise as it can promote positive competition between students and offer extra incentive for beginner or weak students to improve.

Dictation, however, doesn’t have to be restrained to a classroom environment. It can just as easily be used by tutors or people that are studying on their own. For self learners, a person to actually dictate to you can easily be supplemented by a video, a TV set or an MP3 player.

Choose Your Own Difficulty Level

In fact, this offers much more flexibility in the difficulty level of your chosen dictation. You can find videos where the text is read slowly and clearly without containing words that may be too complicated. Once you feel comfortable with your level you can increase the difficulty by choosing a video where the text is read faster and it contains more complicated words. testdictation 300x208 Dictation: Hard, Sometimes Boring But Very EffectiveOnce you master even this form of text you can throw in slang terms and local accents to make sure you can reproduce any type of conversation in writing. This is particularly useful if you plan a job as a journalist.

The best part of using dictation as an English learning tool is that you can have a lot of fun with it, regardless if you are doing it by yourself, with some friends or in a classroom. You can choose interesting texts, or even to write down the acts of your favorite comedians or entertainers. You can also choose to write down certain lines of dialogue from your favorite movies or even to transcribe audiobooks.

I Speak English… What Now?

So let us say you have finished your course in the English language and you are at a level you feel comfortable with. A level that allows you to easily make yourself understood when talking to both native and non-native speakers, one that would allow you to say just about anything you would in you native tongue and be just as clearly understood.

So… what now? You may ask yourself. Well after achieving what you want from the learning process there are two major parts that will dictate the way you use your new skill and those are: maintenance and usefulness.

Keep What You Learned Fresh By Revising Every Now And Then

Image you bought a house, a car, a piece of furniture or some new tech item. The first thing you’re going to want to do other than use it is to keep it in perfect working order. It’s the same flags 300x183 I Speak English... What Now?thing with the English language. Now that you can speak the language you will have to revise what you know every now and then to make sure that you don’t forget certain key aspects of its grammar, syntax or punctuation.

This is particularly important if you don’t really use English on a daily basis as you will very easily forget something you worked very hard to learn in the first place. The best way to revise is to look over all the material you have or do some advanced exercises. If you notice problems with a certain aspect focus your revisions on those chapters. It is hard to revise your entire vocabulary so instead try to watch an un-dubbed English movie without subtitles and see how many words you need to look up in a dictionary.

Whatever You Do, Keep Using What You Have Learned

Most people start learning a second language because they need it in some way. It can either be a way to improve their current work/job situation or a way to move to a different country. Regardless of the reasons behind your decision to learn the English language it is key that once you master it, you actually use what you have learned. Even if your new job doesn’t require you to speak English anymore, try to find a new way to use it. Consume English written culture, read or re-read English authors in their native tongue to get a better experience of their work or simply watch movies, videos or read the news in the English language.

It is the best, most natural way to retain what you already have learned while also improving things like your vocabulary or your accent. It is a great help if you travel so if you sorted out your job situation make use of your new skill and visit an English speaking country. Even if you choose a country that doesn’t speak English you will find your knowledge useful as it is thevBnFOHXALPU 300x150 I Speak English... What Now? easiest way to make yourself understood in just about any part of the globe.

You can even help other students out with advice or by tutoring them. This way you will constantly keep your knowledge fresh while helping others and even making some money on the side.

Talk About Your English Learning Process

To make sure you are maximizing your efficiency when it comes to your English learning process you should always try to discuss with other English learners or English teachers about the challenges they face.

It is often the best way to find out about new methods of learning, what you should focus on at what stage and how to learn faster. Each person should develop their individual learning technique, based on their strong suits, on their schedule and their overall goal. One person’s learning schedule and methods might not work for someone else, however, everyone has their own little hacks or tricks that can the job easier.

Just Talking About English Challenges Can Help

Even if you talk about the general challenges of learning without getting any new information, just the fact that you can vent your frustrations with people that are going through the same dv1940060 300x240 Talk About Your English Learning Processprocess as you can help you relax and approach the English language with a whole new attitude.

This is particularly important if you are the type of person who can’t handle not getting results very well. By really talking about your challenges with other students you will find that they too are experiencing difficulty when it comes to certain grammar or syntax aspects for example. You can even get a confidence boost if you notice that you are actually doing better than other students that have been at it for a longer time than you have.

It can even be a great place to exercise, as you will be able to speak the language with other people that are at your level without fear of embarrassing yourself or of not getting your point across.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

The important thing is to not isolate yourself and to try and understand that the entire point to learning a language is to actually use it. Even if you are learning on your own, without a class environment or teacher you could talk to, there still are a number of ways to find other English learners and discuss your techniques.

Your best bet would be to find an online forum or a website where English learners meet and talk. You could also take your chance and try to meet some English students on other platforms such as Facebook or Omegle, however this can be harder to do.

If you are learning the language in a class environment then it is much easier to discuss such issues with your classmates. You might learn some better method of memorizing verb forms, PB Classroom 300x199 Talk About Your English Learning Processa new way of remembering how to pronounce certain words or how to better retain idioms. There really is no downside as you can even get some help from more advanced students with the issues that might be giving you a hard time.

You will also be able to get to know your classmates better, or in case you are learning the English language alone, it will be the perfect opportunity to make new friends that have the same interests and face the same challenges as you do.