Become A Writer Before You Know The Language

Many people start their English learning process for numerous reasons, from better job opportunities, to immigration requirements or a richer understanding of world culture. Others do it because they 400 F 45532984 KWv8wAjmEspNvwFHoIYlPVKUjf6553lG 300x300 Become A Writer Before You Know The Language have a passion for languages, and what better place to start than English. Another key demographic that chooses to learn the English language are people who want to write for a living but also want their work to be viewed and understood by the largest possible crowd. Continue reading

English, The Differences Between The Atlantic

The English language has a huge number of accents, specific words and whole dialects, each with its British English vs American English  300x192 English, The Differences Between The Atlanticown list of particularities. These particularities can range from a few dozen differently written words to entire swathes of grammar rules and of course, to a different accent. Continue reading

Would You Live In… New Zealand?

Many people learn English as a hobby or a passion, others do it as a challenge, some even do it to further their careers or move to a different country. Whatever the reason behind your choice of 45901 new zealand 300x168 Would You Live In… New Zealand?learning the English language, once mastered you will be faced with the opportunity to move or just visit in detail one of the numerous native English speaking countries on the globe. Continue reading

Extra Steps To Take You Sound Like A Native

So you are at the end of your English learning journey. You have mastered grammar related challenges, aced vocabulary tests and can basically converse with a scholar without missing a single i love your accent large 300x217 Extra Steps To Take You Sound Like A Nativeword or expression but you still don’t feel satisfied with your level. The only thing left to distinguish you from a native speaker is your accent and however much you try and however much you learn you seem to not be able to do a convincing accent. Continue reading

Mistakes, We All Make ‘Em

The English learning process will have a lot of ups and downs and regardless of how dedicated a student you are, you will have to face a lot of problems. Regardless of what aspects you excel in or what parts of the learning process you struggle with one thing is a constant; you will make mistakes, a lot of grammar mistakes call center 300x252 Mistakes, We All Make ‘Em them, and as we have explained in other articles you will find that mistakes aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Yes no one gets rewards, they don’t mean you will get a good grade in class nor are they a sign that you are doing well, however, they can be used to a student’s advantage just as long as you don’t let them make you feel too down. Continue reading

How To Avoid A Culture Shock

Learning the English language and actually using it in a country where it is the native tongue are two culture shock 300x213 How To Avoid A Culture Shock  distinct issues that most people overlook. This often enough leads to a culture shock that can make even the best of students lose confidence and speak in a way that would be hard to understand. Continue reading

The Comma And How It Can Change The Way You Write

Reaching fluency in the English language means more than just being able to communicate with native speakers or to replicate various English accents. It means understanding the small intricacies and less Commas 007 300x180 The Comma And How It Can Change The Way You Writeknown about rules and applying them at all time. Punctuation is often enough the main part of the learning process that causes good students to fail because they think it is something that comes natural, or that works by rules that apply in their native language as well. Continue reading

4 Ways To Learn English For The Very Busy

Everyone is busy. It sounds like a truism, however, it is one of the most often met problems for people who want to study a second language and end up failing. While people who have a comfortable financial

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situation or are simply pursuing second language acquisition as a hobby aren’t forced to make many schedule related sacrifices most English learners find it rather hard to combine their already overbearing schedule with the extra time needed for learning a new language.

If you find yourself in the latter category, the one that has a hard time making time then you might find the following list of tips ideal for your needs. Continue reading

Homonyms Or Why Context Is Important

A homonym is a grammatical term that comes from the Greek word homonumos which basically means homonyms1 300x300 Homonyms Or Why Context Is Important “to have the same name.” A homonym refers to a number of words that have identical spelling or an identical pronunciation while their meanings are different. Continue reading

3 More Do’s And Don’ts When Learning English

When acquiring any second language, not just the English language any student must know that there are as many do’s as there are don’ts in the learning process. This means that even the best intentions dosanddonts 3 More Do’s And Don’ts When Learning Englishand work ethic can lead to disastrous results if a wise, well balanced and carefully prepared research isn’t made before starting the actual learning process.
Continue reading