Focused Learning May Save You A Lot Of Time

Knowing why you learn the English language or how you might use your newly acquired skill is a very important aspect when it comes to making good progress. The reason for this is that some people’s english language learning english language learners 1e0au9v 300x190 Focused Learning May Save You A Lot Of Timeneeds may not require them to speak fluent English, to know everything related to grammar or to speak with a perfect accent. Continue reading

If You’re Planning To Teach, Remember Life As A Student

Most English students have a clear purpose for their second language studies. Whether it is for EnglishTeacherJobsDescription 300x300 If You’re Planning To Teach, Remember Life As A Student educational, professional or other purposes, they pretty much have a clear image of how and when they will use their new skill. Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid To Rethink Your Approach

Don’t be afraid to rethink your approach if you’re not where you want to be with your English studies. 120927 TwitterPLN 300x225 Don’t Be Afraid To Rethink Your ApproachSome students advance easier than others; that’s a fact for absolutely any form of learning process and the reasons can be many. Continue reading

5 Food Related Idioms

When it comes to completely mastering the English language and actually sounding like a native, nothing will get you there sooner than idioms. Idioms are basically expressions whose meaning isn’t 11476450 s 300x277 5 Food Related Idiomsliteral. They are a great way to sound like someone who truly has a firm grasp on the language and even knows something about the culture that surrounds it. There are literally thousands of idioms relating to any aspect of modern living. Continue reading

Try Incorporating Quotes In Your English Studies

The road from novice to fluent English speaker is definitely not a short one, and even though it might not be as difficult as some would imagine, it definitely will require a lot of determination and will. i AM POSSIBLE Audrey Hepburn font b English b font font b Quote b font Vinyl 300x197 Try Incorporating Quotes In Your English StudiesRegardless of the reasons you started your English learning journey or how well you aim to speak the language, you can certainly be sure that some lessons will be more frustrating than others. Continue reading

Include Practicality in Your Approach

Not all English students learn the language for the same reasons. Some do it to better their careers, others for educational purposes or simply to work out their brain and add a very useful skill to their English Learning 300x199 Include Practicality in Your Approach repertoire. Regardless of your age, the reasons for which you learn the language or the way you’re going to use it, try to approach the learning process from a practical standpoint. Continue reading

Never Be Self-Conscious About Your Learning Techniques

Once you start learning the English language you will notice that some techniques or certain 1 CATERS REAL SPIDERMAN WEB 23 800x498 300x186 Never Be Self Conscious About Your Learning Techniquesapproaches can be much more successful than others. You might also notice that you tend to retain more information when you have a good mood or are truly prepared and concentrated on learning. Continue reading

Would you live in… Cape Town?

The “Would you live in?” series of articles is meant to show English learners some of the most important, beautiful and interesting English speaking cities in the world. Whatever the reason most touch cape town 1373964467 300x166 Would you live in… Cape Town? students start learning the English language, learning about these cities might give them that extra nudge of confidence and motivation to learn the language and one day visit these amazing cities. Continue reading

What To Look For In English Learning Products

The way people learn the English language has changed a lot in the last decade and what was once a TextBooksBefore 300x231 What To Look For In English Learning Products processed based entirely on a simple book can now be done with numerous methods which cater to just about any learning preference. Continue reading

If Speed Isn’t A Concern Try To Learn English Naturally

Some people start their English learning journey with a clear purpose in mind. They either do it to translation services 300x145 If Speed Isn’t A Concern Try To Learn English Naturallybetter their job, seek employment in an English speaking country or for educational purposes like scholarships or Erasmus experiences.

Other students don’t have such a direct and clearly defined goal in mind when they start learning the English language. They do realize the importance and value of knowing a second language; however, they aren’t motivated by an immediate goal. Continue reading